Raíces de Coriander is integrated by seven young people specialized in different artistic, educational and social disciplines.

The different experiences in these fields and the love and care that we put into what we do, allows us to do a committed and quality work adapting to the needs of the context.

Carlota Mercado

Actress and trainer with specialization in technician in management of projects to the development. Specialized in Theater of the Oppressed. Complementary training in Art Therapy and Gestalt Theatre.

Daniel Castrejón

Image technician with a master's degree in digital post-production at the "Fictizia" school in Madrid. With training and experience in the field of dance and music.

Beatriz Medina

Actress and facilitator with training and experience in Theatre of the Oppressed, Gender Equality and Artistic Social Intervention. Complementary training in Intercultural Mediation.

Julia Zapatero

Social Educator, expert in Systemic Family Therapy and master's degree in coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership. Complementary training in various courses on intervention with children at risk of social exclusion and art therapy.

Lucia Mendoza

Political scientist. Studies in Political Science. Complementary training in Gender Equality, Human Rights and Cooperation for Development.

Elia Benitez

Social worker with training and experience in community intervention, inclusion and care for diversity, systemic family therapy, child resilience, respectful accompaniment, emotional education, art therapy, social theater and women's groups.