‘Bab Alahwa: The wind door’
is a documentary film project about the situation of Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

After two months living in Gaziantep, one of the cities on the border with Syria, we were able to live and understand the reality that they lived there, we launched this project in order to make this situation known.


Syria is the first country of departure of refugees in the world. The conflict that has plagued the country for more than 9 years has claimed nearly 500,000 lives and forced 6.6 million people to flee.

Today, Turkey hosts 3.6 million refugees from Syria, making it the largest refugee host country in the world. Many of these people reside in the regions of Kilis, Reihanli or Gaziantep, at the gates of the so-called Erdogan Wall, a 764 kilometer long wall on the border with Syria.

Bab Alahwa talks about resilience and analyzes the situation of refugees in the country, showing the opportunities and difficulties in education, work and social life that Turkey offers them and with which they have to live every day.


Turkish and Syrian people living in Gaziantep tell us their stories, dreams, and challenges that they encounter every day. A video that compares the differences, but also the similarities, of two realities that coexist

Created by Lucia Mendoza, Chiara Cattaneo y Beatriz Medina.
Recorded in Gaziantep, Turkey. August 2020