After our work in the refugee camps and interaction with the population, we received the need to transcend the severe conflict situation in which the Saharawis are immersed. Human rights abuses, inhumane conditions and extreme temperatures are part of the daily life of this population.

Messenger Pigeons is a sensitization project that seeks to inform and raise awareness about the reality of the Saharawi people, with the final goal of doing a grain of sand for their freedom.
Through this project we make known the historical process of Western Sahara, as well as the current situation in which they find themselves after 45 years of refuge. In addition, we aim to raise awareness about the direct responsibility that Spain has in the conflict that the Saharawi people are living.

We use a dynamic and participative methodology, based on art and play as tools to get the message across.
There are different formats:


We have worked with different associations and companies doing dynamic and participative workshops


‘My name is Aisha’ is a theater performance created to raise awareness about the situation of the Saharawi people in an experiential and artistic way


We organize multiple events: from social awareness campaigns to concerts and street theater.nsibilización, hasta conciertos y teatro callejero.

Messenger Pigeons is open to any group and proposal as the content is adaptable to the context.