UN GRANITO DE ARENA POR EL SÁHARA (UGDA – SÁHARA) is an artistic cooperation project carried out in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps.

It was born from the desire to take part in social conflicts through artistic techniques and from the conviction that these techniques bring great benefits in human quality.In order to put a seed to bring these children and young Sahrawis to connect with themselves, we created this project.

UGDA-Sahara is the result of a procedural intervention, differentiated by three moments:

A first analysis of the reality was developed during a trip in 2016 to the refugee camps of Tindouf (Algeria).
This analysis was carried out experimentally, through direct observation by the project team.
We were able to observe that the young population is in a moment of internal conflict derived from their transition to adult life in relation to the context in which they live. The lack of opportunities, the daily routine and the dryness of the environment are factors that germinate in them from birth and emerge at the age of change: adolescence.

Secondly, a fieldwork carried out during October 2016, based on direct contact with Sahrawi children and young people through small theater workshops in two schools in the Wilaya of Dakhla and in the FiSahara Film Festival.
From the direct intervention we confirmed the viability of the project, proving to be a complement to an education that is prey to a wall and the desert, a seed of introspection and motivation in the young people; and a different ray of light in the day to day of the camps.A partir de la intervención directa confirmamos la viabilidad del proyecto resultando ser un complemento a una educación presa de un muro y del desierto, una semilla de introspección y motivación en los/as jóvenes; y un rayo de luz diferente en el día a día de los campamentos.

Finally, a third crucial moment for the reality of the Sahrawi people: the continuity of the work done. Through direct intervention with minors and training of young trainers, we leave aside the idea of a return project to become permanent in time. To this end, during the months of April and May 2017, a disused space was rehabilitated, giving life to the Mahmud Bachir al Wali Intercultural Center.

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The Mahmud Bachir al Wali Intercultural Center is a space created for leisure and culture on a continuous basis. Within the field of non-formal education, it has three lines of action: socio-cultural animation, education in free time and training.




Homing Pigeons s is a sensitization project that seeks to inform and raise awareness about the reality of the Saharawi people, with the ultimate goal of doing a grain of sand for their freedom




Throughout 4 years, we have developed different workshops and trainings for the Sahrawi population, always attending to the needs and interests of the participants.